Our mental health program goals are to support community efforts in obtaining optimal health and wellness psychologically, emotionally and mentally. Our program works with a provider network of licensed professionals that connect, train, refer and educate those accessing our services for mental health assessment, therapy, counseling, treatment and care. Our provider network consists of LMFT’s, LPCC’s, LP’s, LICSW’s, LSW’s, Ph.D.’s, Psy. D’s, clinics and hospitals that support the health and healing of the community. We work with youth, families, individual men and women, LGBTQ+, couples, sex addictions, homeless population and those struggling with chemical dependency issues.

Through programming facilitated by our licensed social worker, CPC 2.0 makes referrals connecting individuals to providers around the state of Minnesota in our efforts to help the community heal. Our team of licensed professionals provide the following treatments; EMDR, CBT, DBT, ARMHS Services, Home and Community Based Services (245D providers), Psychotherapy, chemical dependency treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, psycho-education, assessment, and evaluation, outreach programming and medication assisted treatment for those struggling with chemical use issues.

Our professionals understand the complex adversities race and poverty have on a person’s mental health and their ability to maintain their sobriety. We also understand how this contributes to health disparities in regard to the community’s overall health and wellness. Because of this acknowledgement and understanding everyone in our provider network is culturally competent in language, shared space, mind, body and soul.

Treatment & Recovery

We understand the negative impacts drugs and alcohol abuse have on a community.  Influencers like poverty, stress, homelessness, unemployment, racial discrimination, micro-aggressions, lack of health insurance, lack of education, inability to access resources, lack of resources in the community, historical trauma and on-going trauma related to and un-related to community violence affects a person’s ability to maintain their sobriety and their mental health. For this reason, our network of professional providers are culturally competent and provide without judgement in safe spaces opportunities for you to live your best life!

Couples Counseling

Want or need relationship and communication skills? Prepare/Enrich is a customized couples assessment program that helps couples identify strengths and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education. Designed for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, marriage maintenance, dating and relationship planning. Based on assessment results providers can provide on-going therapy, treatment, support and activities to support the goals of your relationship objectives.