Mothers Against Gun-Violence (MAG)

If you are the mother or a parent, (or community member) of a person who has been the victim of gun violence or a perpetrator of gun violence we need your support!

Our mission: Educate the community of all the negative impacts gun violence has on our communities across the country.

Our Goal: Help support through community organizing anti-gun violence policy so that communities can be free from gun violence.

Objective 1: Create partnerships and collaborations with organizations to create initiatives to support the mission and goal (eliminate gun violence).

Objective 2: Work with mothers/parents, and community members in supporting families who have been victims of gun violence or who have been perpetrators of gun violence, access to resources, education, and opportunities.

Objective 3: Design and create innovative alternatives to gun violence so communities can be free of gun violence.

Objective 4: Provide the community with trigger locks and provide the community with violence prevention and de-escalation training.